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A Security Operations Centre is both the foundation and the hub of any organization requiring advanced information security monitoring and controls.  It is this system which allows an organization to enforce (and test) its security policies, processes, procedures and activities through one central platform; a platform that monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the individual elements and the overall security system.

First Information Security is a leading SOC provider in the Middle East and Gulf Coast.  The company SOC Practice offers solutions and services on three levels:

  1. The FIS SOC team has designed and built SOC environments for some of the leading brands in the region;
  2. FIS has guided multiple government and enterprise organizations on how to increase the effectiveness of their SOC and the productivity of their SOC personnel through training, customization and/or back-end integration;
  3. FIS operates – either on-site or remotely – SOCs for leading MENA Banks and Telecom Operators through outsourced Managed Service arrangements.

Key elements of SOC planning and implementation

Consulting Services to Implement SOC

  • Conducting strategic Discovery and Information Gathering sessions with client
  • Constructing the client Business Case
  • Preparing the Feasibility Report
  • Defining the Project scope and size
  • Preparing the SOC Business and Technological advantages and return on investment briefing
  • Assisting HR Departments in hiring SOC Team with specialized skills set.
  • Developing the SOC Business Processes
  • Developing the SOC Operational Processes
  • Defining the client SOC Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Professional Services to Implement SOC Technology

  • Security Event Information Management (SIEM) Solution
  • Incident Response Management System
  • Network Forensics Solution

Training Services to SOC Operators, Supervisors and Managers

  • Certified Training on SIEM Solution
  • Certified Training on Incident Response Management System
  • Certified Training on Network Forensics Solution
  • Training on SOC Operations and Daily Activities

Integration Options Between SIEM (Security Event Information Management) and Network Forensics or Case Management to Create a State-of-the-Art SOC