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Mobile working has evolved dramatically over the last few years; this has caused a revolution in business, developing a need for a controlled yet flexible collaboration environment – one that is also secure enough to meet even the toughest specifications in the market place.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a viable and manageable concept has added to the overall complexity of the situation; rather than issuing a blanket ban on private smart devices at work, it has been shown that it makes more sense in terms of user satisfaction and productivity to allow the use of devices with which the individuals are familiar. To allow this diverse technology environment to succeed, the device needs at all times to be secure, facilitate the work processes already in place, and to run with acceptable performance to maintain overall satisfaction, wherever the user is doing business. This is not easy, nor is it achieved by porting the same office application onto a variety of devices.

As part of First Info Sec’s comprehensive range of security services and solutions, we provide the enterprise-grade collaboration platform called AGORA. Its Secure Collaboration module is the key to enabling the mobile workforce by providing best-in-class security, while at the same time ensuring the best possible user experience. AGORA is the ideal secure solution for:

Key Features

Trust Rooms

Virtual collaboration data rooms serve as the dashboard to access all resources a user has access to. It provides a personalized summary of all items; files uploaded, upcoming events, tasks assigned, messages, etc.

File Sharing

Exchange sensitive information, files can be uploaded in seconds and shared instantly with configured access controls.

Secure emails and messages

Secure communication allows messages to be sent to individuals or groups. Messages can be handled just like your e-mail: references to other objects can be inserted; files can be attached; messages can be organized within folders


AGORA’s Calendar allows the creation and management of different types of events; the export and import of events; and the consolidation of all a user’s events on one calendar.

Pin Board, Tasks, Chat, Surveys and Other

AGORA is a complete collaboration solution, allowing users complete content lifecycle management.

Project Management

A consolidated enterprise management tool where you can bring your project assets together for maximum accessibility and organizational clarity. Tasks can be assigned and detailed with timelines, resources and dependencies.

Solution’s Platform

Versatile Connections for Secure Collaboration

AGORA’s encrypted environment allows you to securely collaborate and control information flow. A great variety of possible use cases are created by connecting internal and external users through different channels, including browser-based desktops, mobile devices and the AGORA Drive over WebDAV Protocol


Pluggable modules further extend AGORA’s functionality, allowing partner solutions to be easily integrated to the AGORA Platform. AGORA Web services and the AGORA Drive allow connections to existing IT environments. A specialized AGORA customer development team will support you in the integration process.