Data Security

First Information Security protects your mobile enterprise data using Sysmosoft Sense Enterprise Data Security Solution . Your users can access your most sensitive data using their preferred mobile devices. Sense protects your enterprise email, enterprise contacts, enterprise calendar solutions and other business critical data access, while granting highly flexible, unimpeded network access to your mobile users.

Based on innovative ‘sandboxing’ technology, Sense creates a private, fully encrypted, secure mobile workspace to protect and isolate your sensitive data from unsecure applications and other data that may reside on your users’ mobile devices. Sense doesn’t require your users to modify their computing and collaborating habits and does not restrict the flow of personal data on unsecure public networks.

Instead, Sense creates a wall around your corporate communication and productivity applications to secure them and their data according to your organization’s security policies and practices. Sense also eliminates the risk of unintended interactions between your secure and insecure applications. Your users’ personal data and applications remain unsecure, and are unaffected by Sense.

Sense gives your mobile workers secure access to their secure corporate productivity and collaboration tools from their favorite mobile devices. Using Sense, they can securely access their professional contacts, email, calendars, messaging, secure intranet applications, authentication and directory services, and any proprietary software they use to conduct business.

All corporate applications and data can be protected and transmitted securely across public networks.

Sense is a client-server based solution that is scalable to accommodate growth in your organization and changes in the way you want to secure your corporate data.

Secure Productivity Apps

Secure PIM

Enable workforce to manage their professional activity during business trips, including corporate emails, contacts and calendars management.

Secure Box

Enable workforce to securely access sensitive corporate documents, make annotations, share modifications with colleagues and do presentations with customers.

Secure Web

Enable workforce to access company intranet resources and web applications while offsite and without having to expose them directly to the internet.

Secure Messaging

Enable mobile teams to communicate instantly in the field and share business critical information, including messages, pictures and files, to make efficient decisions.


Key Benifit's

Information Management

  • Manage professional emails, contacts and meetings
  • Manage local and remote corpo-rate documents
  • Access corporate intranet & web resources
  • Send information instantly to workforce

Unique Security

  • Unique Swiss 100% independent encryption and keys
  • Protect data on managed & un-managed devices
  • No reliance on device or untrust-ed third parties

Company Integration

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Lotus Domino
  • File System
  • MDM

Threats prevention

  • Malware / Virus prevention
  • Device Root / Jailbreak prevention
  • Device unsecure caches & back-up prevention
  • Device zero days exploits prevention
  • Lost/stolen device prevention
  • Advanced device hacking prevention
  • Data sharing with legal app pre-vention