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Digital Forensics encompasses the gathering, protection and analysis of evidences in digital form as well as their presentation as material evidence in later court procedures. In cooperation with the leading forensics software companies, the FIS Digital Forensics Practice implements computer creates Digital Forensic Laboratories for its clients through the integration of industry standard hardware and software tools incorporated with professional education.

The FIS Digital Forensics Practice is a leading provider of Forensics-related security consulting, research, training and construction of Forensics Laboratories for clients throughout the Gulf Coast and Middle East. Over the past two years, FIS has constructed most of the major Forensics Laboratories in Oman and some significant Forensics facilities in Saudi Arabia.

The company’s Digital Forensic vision is to bring to the region world-class products, tools and facilities, and provide its clients with an integrated package of not just the Laboratory and equipment and tools therein, but also Quality Assurance consulting, advice on innovation and leading edge practices in the field and comprehensive training for the client’s operational personnel.

The FIS Digital Forensic Practice is lead led by two highly regarded Arab experts in the field.

FIS has maintained a neutral position from Product Vendors; thus providing clients with unbiased consultations.

As a result of the SANS partnership, the FIS technical team receives frequent up-to-date professional development which is provided through SANS.

The FIS Forensics Practice has very strong, historic relationships with three of the premier international Forensics expert companies in Europe: One eSecurity (Spain), Disklabs (United Kingdom) and INsig2 (Croatia). FIS has worked closely with all of these Partner companies to deliver leading-edge Forensics Laboratories and systems to major enterprises and governments in the Region.