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Your Brand, Your Most Valuable Asset

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A Company’s brand is everything to the organization, but protecting the brand assets can drain valuable resources away from the organization. First Info Sec offers comprehensive brand abuse protection that helps our Clients to monitor their brand, detect intellectual property right violation’s and reduce the economic impact of brand abuse and brand theft.

First Info Sec’s provides a very comprehensive online brand monitoring and alerting solution. This service’s elements detect abuse and fraudulent activities regarding a company’s brand online. It is based on proprietary tools and solutions. All high alerts are then manually reviewed by our dedicated team.

It is a very unique service that uses our internally developed proprietary algorithms to monitor unauthorized activity about a Brand and send alerts when any such activity takes place. Unauthorized activity includes, website defacement, social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook etc. page hijacking, phishing website (similar sounding name) setup, fake trademark registration etc.

Once unauthorized activity is detected it immediately notifies the customer and advises on the evasive action that needs to be taken to mitigate the threat. We are constantly helping our Clients fight off spam attacks, brute force attacks, brand theft and phishing attacks.

Key Features

Website Defacement

  • Secure Site Monitor

Website Content Integrity

  • Text review webpages performance
  • Broken Links/Images monitor

Website Threat Monitoring

  • Server/Site Logs Monitoring


  • Email Honeypots
  • Abuse mailbox Monitor

Social Media

  • Fake Profiles Detection
  • Prevent Hijacking
  • Web Content

Crawler Alerts

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Monitoring
  • Others


  • Daily Briefing
  • DNS-MX Record Monitoring