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For government-grade encryption and cryptology solutions, FIS utilizes the technology of its partner and world-leading provider of VPNs and PKI Cryptology platforms; InfoSec Global of Canada and Switzerland.

InfoSec Global, was founded on the belief that everyone has the right to Privacy, and the ability to maintain control always and everywhere who may have access to their essential information.  At a time when the integrity of cryptography and communication systems has been cast in doubt, FIS and ISG are committed to providing the most secure and absolutely transparent approach to Cyber Security solutions and concepts that will re-establish certainty of protection for your communications and information.

ISG delivers state of the art Custom Cryptography and Key Exchange Mechanisms that provide the strongest protection available; in the form of a custom protective overlay around critical applications. ISG helps organizations design, understand and maintain proprietary PKI solutions.

The company’s security team consists of skilled professionals with strong security backgrounds and extensive global operating experience.   One of the co-founders of ISG and a current Board member is Dr. Taher Elgamal, one of the world’s foremost experts in data security.  Dr. Elgamal has invented several standards in data security and digital signatures, including the design of the ElGamal discrete log cryptosystem and ElGamal signature scheme. The latter became the foundation for Digital Signature Algorithm, which was adopted as the Digital Signature Standard for the Federal Information Processing Standard by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States. FIPS is a requirement for use in all computers of non-military government agencies.

Dr. Elgamal also developed the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol used in Internet security, including writing the patents and developing the original products using SSL. He is responsible for promoting SSL as the Internet security standard at the Internet Engineering Task Force.  On the commercial side, he developed the RSA Bsafe cryptography products such as the first version of the VeriSign CA product. He participated in the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) credit card payment protocol, and a number of Internet payment schemes, with efforts led by VISA and MasterCard.

Dr. Taher Elgamal is also a former CEO of First Information Security.  In his words:

“The International nature of InfoSec Global’s business is most unique. Offerings around the various international cryptographic solutions are very important to our customers and provide a competitive edge over their peers. InfoSec Global have the most powerful skills in the world in cryptography and will continue to be the leader in this space.”

The Technology

InfoSec Global has taken an approach of rebuilding an organization’s tailor-made security framework by overlaying a customized, client-owned and client-controlled cryptographic layer over the network infrastructure.  The focus is on redesigning and replacing the crypto algorithms with a flexible structure and then providing the organization with the control of the algorithms.

The features of the crypto framework are:

Secure Algorithms

  • Individual patented Crypto Sets
  • Individual Crypto Sets
  • Predefined Crypto Sets
  • Product-specific Crypto Sets
  • Standard Crypto Sets

Secure Key Management

  • Redundant HW-appliances
  • Single HW-appliance
  • SW-based solutions

Secure Storage

  • Dedicated Rack HSM
  • Network HSM
  • SD-card based HSM
  • Virtual HSM
  • No HSM

Cryptographic algorithm selection is critical to secure product design, affecting not only the security posture of the product, but also the geopolitical regions of the world to which a product cannot be sold.  ISG’s team of renowned cryptography experts have selected the strongest ciphers for inclusion in the ISG “Globus” Crypto SDK, and can also make available country-specific sovereign cryptography.  Customers can choose from the following algorithm types:

  • Sovereign Cryptography.  Supports sovereign algorithms that are exclusively used within a country or region.
  • Standards-based Cryptography.  Secure and optimized implementations of carefully selected cryptographic algorithms that are currently used in today’s most secure applications.
  • Advised Cyrptography selection and support.  The secure crypto algorithms are provided in a variety of configurations.  It is up to the customer to select the set that is most appropriate for its needs and environment:
  • Crypto Primitives
    • Symmetric Block-Cipher
    • Digital Signature Algorithm
    • Public Key Encryption Algorithm
    • Key Agreement Algorithm
    • Message Digest Algorithm (HASH)
    • Deterministic Random Number Generator
  • Crypto Sets
    • Exclusive Sets
    • Predefined Sets
      • Product-specific sets
  • Hardware Security Modules
    • Network HSM
    • Server HSM
    • SD-card-based HSM
    • Virtual HSM
      • No HSM

The key areas of knowledge and control area that ISG facilitates to the customer are:

  • Crypto Theory
    • Basics of Cryptology
  • Crypto Implementation
    • Crypto in Real-life
  • GLOBUS Insight
    • Details of GLOBUS algorithm and key management
  • Product & Solution Training
    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Operation
    • Maintenance
  • Crypto Analysis
    • Knowledge Assessments

ISG also offers a service to create Cryptography Cyberlabs to enable their customers to manage the overall standards certification process for equipment and applications which touch the network. 

  • Lab Infrastructure
    • Cyber Security Lab / Turnkey Solution
    • Customization according to customer needs
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Documentation and implementation
  • Tools
    • Best of breed industry standard tools and customized solutions
  • Capability Development and Training
    • web application security and monitoring
    • Product testing
    • Malware research
    • Operational Consideration