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Penetration testing is a necessary service to modern businesses. Finding vulnerabilities is critical to ensuring that your most important asset, intellectual capital – mostly in the form of data and information, remains in your hands only. Most companies understand the need for secure systems and keep up to date with operating system and application patches and add-ons; unfortunately this is not the end of the story. As we all know, the effectiveness of defence needs to be 100%, never letting malicious attacks penetrate to the inner sanctum. For the attacker, they only need to be successful once; on occasion you might even think that application and operating systems providers work against you to provide the opportunity hackers seek by inadvertently introducing vulnerabilities in patches specifically designed to close other security loopholes. First Info Security works hard to minimize this risk by understanding each patch or add-on and assessing the potential risk associated with its implementation.

First Info Sec appreciates the effort your company goes through on a daily basis simply to maintain the integrity of your business systems and hence the security of your corporate information. With SecureMisr, penetration testing from First Info Sec comprises a complete and efficient approach to security. Using proven processes and methodologies based around ISO27001, it begins with a comprehensive risk assessment to understand both your complete IT estate and existing security measures.
Penetration testing is not just about making sure external attackers are denied access to your business, sometimes the risk comes from within. Disaffected employees, opportunists, and industrial espionage are all real threats and over time can pose significant problems for your business. Most of these people, because of their positions of authority have ready access using legally obtained passwords to key systems and databases within your business. That is why equivalent internal testing is part of the overall programme; the testing process includes everything from operating system upgrade validation, wireless security, application version validation, VoIP analysis where this applies, and an overall security vulnerability analysis of aspects such as more accurate user security profiles.

The result of a competent penetration testing programme is to enhance your existing in-house risk-based information security, ensuring 24/7 protection for intellectual capital, the most valuable asset of any company.

Regular penetration testing is essential to the maintenance of a quality line of defense against constant internal and external threats – but in the end this type of testing produces a single image of a system in a single moment in time, rather like a photographic snapshot. To complement this evaluation a constant monitoring process needs to be implemented, hence the use of Managed Security Services, a solution that watches over access portals for evidence of change and manipulation of code. Between regular security reviews and constant monitoring of system access such as websites and intranet portals, your business can be assured of the best protection available: First Info Sec services.


Using the same level of experienced consultants as with PCI DSS, we can tackle this need with equal efficiency. Using Mastercard certified processes for POS terminal security, First Info Sec offers similar, efficient processes, training, and best practices development as with PCI DSS compliance.

Information is almost always the most valuable asset a business owns; if you want to ensure your risk is minimised while security for your clients is maximised, then by using First Info Sec’s world-class consultancy services you are assured of a smooth-running project as well as an effective follow-on support regime that will ensure compliance continues to stay in force for your business.

Risk Assessment of IT estate:

Understanding in detail what you’ve got to protect is essential.

Internal Penetration Testing

Guarding against internal threats is as important as worrying about those you cannot see.

External Penetration Testing:

External threats are perpetual, always testing your environment and looking for vulnerabilities.

Security Assessment of Network Environment

With the multiple access points now available, be they Wi-Fi, BYOD, or traditional network access, watching your back has never been so complex.

Application Security Assessment:

Applications are more distributed than ever: apps on smart devices enabling distributed metadata and to a certain degree business data, most of these apps using differing coding standards and built in security, make the real estate needing protecting both huge and varied in complexity.

Industry Governance & Compliance Requirements

Most industries require some form of guarantee against bad practice to ensure electronic business can be conducted in a safe, impenetrable fashion. Standards go a long way to ensuring this - they also impact insurance costs and business reputation, something that can so easily be ruined in a short period of time.

Adherence To And Certification Under Standard ISO27001/2:

ISO standards equate to a worldwide language designed to express your compliance with a specific way of doing business. It builds immediate trust and understanding and removes barriers to trade. All services within your business ought to comply with them to reduce costs and ensure maintenance of reputation in your own industry.

Road Mapping of Future System Enhancements and Additions

Mature organisations have constantly changing technology estates; this requires effective road mapping to ensure that each and every change fits into the desired security profile. First Info Sec are experts in the mitigation of these risks, ensuring your business, it’s systems, and practices remain compliant with industry expectations and standards whenever change is encountered.