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One of FIS important capabilities is its R&D Group. This team focuses on research and development of customized and high performance security solutions. It is also the FIS arm that is utilized for integration of FIS’ enterprise security solutions into the client back offices and IT infrastructure.

The R&D Unit has a proven track record of producing currently-in-production products that range from mobile security solutions to fundamental network security building block such as firewalls, intrusion prevision systems, VPN solutions, as well as integrating custom encryption solutions into standard-based products. The team has produced products and software solutions utilizing a very wide range of proprietary and open-source standards, protocols and tools, and is experienced in developing interfaces with the most advanced cryptography formats and devices currently available.

The FIS R&D Unit emphasizes high quality, secure and trustworthy custom solutions that are effectively transitioned to and ultimately managed by the client. To that end, the client is offered the ability to fully scrutinize and review every aspect of the development process. Source code of every layer of our systems is made available for assessment, review, and modification.Furthermore, full knowledge transfer programs – including unique programs where client development resources are co-located with FIS and work alongside the FIS R&D team during the development process- are readily available for clients that wish to build internal capabilities, and can be delivered on-site or at one of FIS’ training facilities available throughout the region. All aspects of training and knowledge transfer are offered in both English and Arabic.

FIS R&D has experience in a wide range of platforms including: Linux, BSD, Windows, iOS, Android, and various web-based frameworks. Furthermore, the team has successfully integrated and delivered hardware appliances that are ready for direct deployment in clients’ environment.

FIS’ R&D Unit is primarily located the FIS Cairo offices in Egypt. The team is led by Sherif El-Kassas, FIS CTO and SVP for R&D and one of the Middle East’s most respected experts in the field of Information Security. The R&D team is composed of a strong, well-qualified development team backed up by researchers and consultants—most of them are members of the FIS consulting team with the majority coming to FIS from leading research institutions in the region.